5 Things to remember when choosing an accommodation

5 Things to remember when choosing an accommodation

How to avoid disappointments with accommodation and a holiday gone wrong? This rarely happens to me. Realistic expextations help but before booking, I always consider next 5 factors carefully.

5. Score 

What is the overall score? I normally start checking places with a score of 8 or higher. But this is not an absolute rule, I’ve stayed in places with scores less than 8 and I haven’t got anything to complain about.

When giving the scores, feels like many people forget to think realisticly about their expectations of the place and expect to get a 5 star hotel service from a simple hostel or guesthouse. The score is handy to limit the options before having a closer look.

4. Facilities

Hotel, hostel, guesthouse, airBNB, B&B, what are you looking for? Read the description and think does it sound like your kind of a place. If you want to relax but the place is advertisising lot of parties, maybe it’s not a place for you.

Breakfast or no? Kitchen for self-catering or a restaurant and a bar? Wifi is pretty standard nowadays but hot shower might not be in everywhere than you think. Are you arriving at night time, choose a place with 24h reception. Be sure to check what you need.

How to book a hotel easily
AirBnB or a hotel?

3. Location

Location is one of the most important factors for me. I want a handy location, if not in a walking distance of the places I want to go to, atleast easily connected with public transport.

Check what you want to see while in town. Do you prefer a hipster neighborhood with cool restaurants or do you feel more like home at oldtown’s picturesque buildings. Remember to also check is there some areas what are not recommended for tourists because of safety issues.

2. Reviews

Check the recent reviews. Don’t skip this. Some places might sound perfect in paper but the reviews tell you the truth.

Sometimes some reviews can be quite extreme though, read them carefully and make your own conclusions about them. 

What not to forget when booking a hotel
Valparaíso, Chile

1. price

Obviously cannot rule the price of the accommodation out of this list. It is the deciding factor before booking. But check also how is the other similar hotels priced in the neighborhood. If the prices vary what makes the difference?

Sometimes prices for same places can also vary between different booking sites, or it can be cheaper booking directly with the hotel. You can check their own website or contact them in Facebook for example.

Remember to compare different options to find out the average prices to be able to find the best deals for your destinations.

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