About me

Riding in Ecuador

Who am I ?

I’m a girl from the North, originally from Finland, but my home is where my heart is. Now at the age of 28, I’ve traveled to many places near and far, solo and with others. My work background is in the hospitality industry. The money for traveling has all come to me with hard work. I’m not a lottery winner, heiress or neither a professional poker player.

I like active lifestyle, animals, and nature. Horseback riding, snowboarding, surfing, trekking, and kayaking are one of my favorites to mention. I enjoy things like long walks in the woods and the feel of the sea breeze in my hair. Slow mornings with a good cup of coffee and long summer evenings with a bottle of wine shared with my loved ones.

Life has taken me on longer trips abroad as well. I lived a year in Ireland and now I’ve been living in Chile. Last time I left Finland with my backpack was October 2016. I’m still on that trip.

What makes me travel ?

Ever since I was a child, every summer our family headed for an adventure. I remember the excitement tickling in my tummy on the morning of departure. Ever since that, I was addicted to traveling. Discovering places I’ve not yet been or try the foods I’ve not yet tasted.

Life is about doing things you enjoy. Taking your chances and living to the fullest. Our time here is limited so why not make the best out of it. Chase your dreams and get lost in the way. Laugh, cry a little and get scared. Explore. Life is made out of the moments we remember.

Why the blog ?

I enjoy writing and I’m a very visual person as well, who likes to create. What could be a more convenient hobby for me than writing a blog!

I also enjoy sharing things with others who are passionate about the same things or help people who want to see the world but don’t know where to start. I want to encourage people to travel and experience cities, countries, and cultures different to their own.

I hope by sharing my experiences, I can inspire others.

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