Afternoon in L.A.

Afternoon in L.A.

What to do when you have only 24 hours to spend in Los Angeles?

I was supposed to have couple days to spend in Los Angeles but because of my flight changes, I ended up having about 24 hours instead. So what to do in this massive Californian city with so little time to spare?

My day included

Volleyball on a beach – Santa Monica pier – Cheesecake Factory – Shopping

I stayed with a local through couchsurfing so he definitely helped me on ideas what to do. On morning we headed to a beach close to Santa Monica to play some volleyball. Well, this was pretty much my first time but I was lucky enough to meet another girl with no experience so we ended up practising together which was fun. I couldn’t think a better start for a sunny day in L.A. than head to a beach for some sports.

My new friend had a day off and she was kind enough to show me around Santa Monica. We had a lovely stroll on the beach all the way to the famous Santa Monica Pier which is the end of the Route 66. Little sightseeing and watching the weirdest street perfomances, we decided to have something to head for a dinner.

Beach day in Los Angeles


So as it was my first time in U.S. what could be a better place than the Cheesecake Factory. I’d only heard of the delicious cheesecakes but definitely was willing to give it a try. Delicius dinner and a cheesecake on top of it. I was satisfied indeed.

Since I accindentally in a rush left my sneakers to my hostel in Panama, I needed new ones. This was a easy job because I was still so much in love with my old ones, I just decided to go to the nearest VANS shop to get a new pair. Same color actually as well.


A lovely 24 hours in Santa Monica. Thanks to my host and his friend, I had a nice time even though my time was really limited. Hopefully someday I have a chance to see more of the city.


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