City Life in Honolulu

City Life in Honolulu

Honolulu, meaning a calm port, is the capital of the state of Hawaii in the island of Oahu. Honolulu serves as the biggest hub for the other islands.

Honolulu felt busy and a little bit chaotic after peaceful Maui. It is not that big of a city, but big enough to have an international feeling in it. Specially touristic area of Waikiki where I was also located.

There is a long beach line starting from Waikiki. But because it is popular tourist destination the beaches get crowded as well. To be honest it would have been a better option for me to stay in Oahu first and then go to Maui. But sometimes when you plan trips to new places these things tend to happen. But what the heck, I’m in Hawaii anyways!

Big city life in Honolulu, Hawaii

The city is easy to reach from the airport with a public bus. The airport is close but it still took about an hour to Waikiki which is located on the other side of the city. Most of the hotels and nightlife is in Waikiki area as well. Plenty to choose from.

First thing I decided to do after dropping my bags was to go for a walk on the beach. Had a nice dinner on a second floor terrace flushing it down with a Kona brewery beer watching people passing by. One of my favorite hobbies where ever I am. The sunset in Honolulu is absolutely stunning on a clear day.

Even though I didn’t really feel at home in Honolulu after I fell in love with Maui, it was good for doing some shopping and finding couple gifts. Like a proper ukulele. No, not that bright pink one from the corner shop for twenty dollars but an actual instrument.

There is a huge shopping mall, Ala Moana Center, in the center of Honolulu. It seems to have everything. I got to admit that I bought a few things for myself what I didn’t really need but oh well, I haven’t spend money on new clothes for a while.

One must do thing in Honolulu is to go to watch traditional Hula dancing. I went to see the Waikiki Beach Hula Show, what is right by the Waikiki beach. It is free so you want to go there early to get a nice seat. And a word of warning, if you are a first timer in Hawaii, they will make you dance! I’m a terrible dancer but at least that was worth the laugh.

Surfing is a lifestyle in Hawaii

My favorite part of Honolulu was surfing. I could just walk from the hostel to the beach and rent a board. To find some bigger waves you need to paddle out of the shallow bay though. But for beginners the bay offers very calm and easy waves. I love the warm waters of Hawaii.

But since I had only a week for Oahu, after few days in Honolulu it was time to head to the famous North Shore to see some quality surfing.


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