Colors of La Boca

Colors of La Boca

This colorful barrio of Buenos Aires should be on your to-do list if you are visiting Buenos Aires.

La Boca, meaning the mouth, lies on the south side of Buenos Aires where a river Riachuelo meets the Atlantic ocean. It is an old working class neighborhood with a touch of roughness and bohemian spirit.

The colors of the neighborhood wasn’t a creation of artists. La Boca was built by people who worked in the shipyards and they used the leftover materials to build their houses.

Nowadays this popular neighborhood offers artisan souvenirs to buy, chance to watch tango on the streets and restaurants to stop for a break. Be aware that the neighborhood is not safe if you wonder too many blocks of the main touristic area. Especially after dark you have a good chance to get robbed and mugged as a gringo

Caminito is the main street in La Boca. Probably couple hours is enough to see the place and enjoy a lunch there. You can get there with a bus or a taxi, but on daytime walking on the mainstreet there should be safe enough. You can follow Calle Irala from Parque Lezama for example.

If you are into football, you might be interested to also visit the stadium La Bombonera. There are also tour companies offering tours and tickets to a match at the stadium.


La Boca is quite touristic, so beware getting ripped off with the prices. But I still enjoyed a nice afternoon there under the warm summer sun and would recommend visiting on your trip to Buenos Aires.

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