From La Paz to Copacabana

From La Paz to Copacabana

From the world’s highest capital to the world’s highest lake.

La Paz, capital of Bolivia, resting in the majestic height of 3600 m asl. It is a massive city spreading on to the mountains surrounding it. Narrow streets zigzagging up and down, left and right could make easily the most experienced navigators to lose the direction fast. But taxis were cheap and handy in the breathtaking altitude of this world’s highest capital.

Unfortunately we were brave enough to try some Bolivian street food on our way to La Paz and ended up spending the few days in town in our Airbnb which luckily had two bathrooms. On the last day when we felt a little stronger we head out for a short walk to see plaza Murillo, the ancient center of the city in colonial times, and the famous witch market. The witch market was pretty much souvenirs for tourist, but for a very decent prices. I couldn’t help but feeling a little disappointed still, I was waiting something more exciting.


Copacabana is town by the Titicaca lake which is the biggest lake in South America and the highest lake in the world (3800 m asl). It is in the border of Bolivia and Peru and shared by the countries. We took small local bus to Copacabana. It takes few hours and a ferry to reach the town. Buses in Bolivia don’t have toilets what is good to keep in mind for longer journeys. Or as the wise old salesman in Oruro kept saying that they do have, but told us later that it’s not functioning though.

Copacabana is a quiet town with about 6000 habitants. It mainly serves as a hub to visit the ancient Inca islands of Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna. This was also our case and I was so happy being closer to nature again by the blue waters of Titicaca. I’m definitely not a big city girl.

There is a viewpoint up in the hill next to the town with promising views over the lake. Cause being so good navigating we quickly found a path to follow up the hill. Strangely the path just got steeper and steeper forcing us to use our hands for climbing as well. We were so close to the top already, it would have been harder to come down the same way. We decided bravely (how bad can it get?!) to climb all the way up to the top under the watching eyes of other tourists (+ one japanese looking guy with a big camera following us. Didn’t wanna let him down either about our wrong choice). Our first proper bouldering experience in the nature was successful. And sweaty, under the afternoon sun. Rewarded with the beautiful views from the top, a more smooth way back to the town, and a cold beer and pizza afterwards. Not a too bad day after all.


Among the saltflats of Uyuni, lake Titicaca is one of the top destinations in Bolivia

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