Lazy Days in Mancora

Lazy Days in Mancora

Enough of rain and cold weather. Time to head somewhere warmer. Mancora, a small town in the sunny Northern Peru, was a perfect escape place.

Mancora, small and quiet town by the Pacific. It is easy to reach especially if you are planning to go from Peru to Ecuador by bus. Mancora is just on the border and all the buses run through the town so it is super easy to have a stop in there for few days.



We found lovely bungalows little bit outside of the town but still within a walking distance. Hostel Misfit. The bungalows were literally on the beach. Can you imagine a better sight first thing in the morning or falling asleep listening to the calming sound of the waves.

In the town itself, there is not much to see but it suits everybody who likes to chill in the sun and enjoys water sports. I started my every morning with a dip in the ocean and sometimes with a morning run as well. Escorted by the hostel’s dog pack of course. Pretty much where ever you went at least one or two of the dogs followed.

Hostel dogs in Misfit Mancora, town in North Peru

Easy living by the sea. Spending the days enjoying the sun, having a walk at the beach, playing with the dogs or reading a book. These super relaxing days were needed to recover some energy after spending a lot of time on buses and in a colder climate.

You can find the best beaches of Peru in Mancora and it’s also famous as a good surfing spot. Visit Mancora during the summer months from December to March to get the best weather.


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