Rafting in Rio Maipo

Rafting in Rio Maipo

Fancy some fresh air outside of smoggy Santiago? Head out to Maipo for some fun whitewater rafting in beautiful landscapes of the Andes.

Maipo is a beautiful region just outside of Santiago de Chile. You can easily do a day trip there from the capital to enjoy some nature. 

There are few companies to choose from and we ended up with Chile Rafting located in San Jose de Maipo. You can book through their website or send a message in Facebook.

How to get there?

⇒ Take a metro line 4 to a station called Las Mercedes

⇒ Take a metrobus 72 to San Jose de Maipo (850 CLP / 1,1€)
a collectivo (1300 CLP / 1,7€)

It takes about 1,5 hours from Las Mercedes to San Jose

Rio Maipo has level 3 rapids. The water is cold but we were given a proper gear what kept us warm. Don’t get me wrong though, the guides make sure everyone gets wet.

We had a really good experience with the company. Guides were friendly and helpful and everything was well organized.

How much we paid?

We paid 17 000 CLP (22 €) per person
for the ~1,5 h rafting

In the area is also good trekking and horseback riding opportunities. If you are a nature freak, spend more days and get accommodation from some of the towns in Maipo region.


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