Top 5 of Maui

Top 5 of Maui

This is my Top 5 List for the paradise island of Maui.


5. West Maui road trip

Spectacular scenery and not much traffic. The road starts from Kapalua and ends in Wailuku. Take your time for this narrow serpentine road, it’s not a place to rush.

You can read many reviews online saying the road in dangerous, but with common sense and a steady hand, you have no problem. Do not pick the biggest pickup car for this one though. There are parts where the road is only one lane.

On the way, there are great viewpoints on the steep cliffs, smaller bays and beaches. The main attraction on the road is Nakalele Blowhole. Blowholes work like geysers blowing the water from underground cave up in the air. Pretty spectacular I would say. 

North Maui



4. Sunrise at Haleakalā

Seeing the whole island to wake up and the starry sky to fade away from Maui’s highest peak is memorable. 

To how to actually do this, read my post about it.

Sunrise in Haleakala



3. Road to Hana

Driving this curvy road to the town of Hana is a popular attraction. It starts from the charming Paia where is by the way many nice restaurants for quick breakfast before hitting the road or for a dinner afterwards. 

Is better the get moving early because the road gets crowded. There are not many places for passing others so the line will be moving at the speed of the slowest.

On the road, there are many places to stop by. My absolute favorite was Waianapanapa aka black sand beach close to Hana.  The colors are amazing when the black lava sand meets the crystal clear water and fresh green palm trees.

Here is a useful link to many attractions on the road.



2. Surfing in Maui

What else you should do in Hawaii than surf. Beginner or experienced, spend a relaxing day at the beach. There are also multiple other water activities to choose from but I chose surfing cause that’s my favorite.

There are many surfing schools or private teachers offering classes or lessons in surfing. I definitely recommend trying if you haven’t before and pick up with this cool hobby. Also renting a board is not expensive.

Pack some drinks and food with you and head to the beach. What else you should be doing in Hawaii?!

Here is a good website about surfing in Maui. From schools to board rentals, info about the surf spots and conditions for experienced surfers.

1. Whale watching

Seeing these beautiful animals close by is an experience you will remember forever. I have written an individual article about how to see whales in Hawaii. Check it out.

Whales Maui


If you want more tips how I did it, post a comment below!


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