Vibrant Buenos Aires

Vibrant Buenos Aires

My first glimpse of South America, Buenos Aires, after sunset. The city seemed endless with its bright lights continuing as far as my eyes could see.

After all the warnings about South America, and especially about going there alone as a girl, I was feeling a little bit cautious on my arrival. Long flight and a late arrival time didn’t help me either. As I decided before, taking a taxi seemed like the best option at that time of the evening.

But soon as I stepped in the hostel I got offered a glass of wine and an invitation to a bbq party what was going on. All my stress was gone. Fine Argentinian beef and red wine. Couldn’t hope for a better welcome.

La Boca seemed like a right place to start exploring the city. It had a real authentic southern American feeling on it with its colorful houses. Only a part of La Boca is safe for tourists, get lost from the main street even for one block and you might find yourself in trouble.

We enjoyed the colorful neighborhood wandering around, watching tango and stopping for a lovely cup of coffee. Luckily we came early cause by the time we were ready to head back the streets of La Boca were buzzing with tourists.

Otherwise, the city itself has a quite European feeling in it. A lot of the architecture looks the same and it might as well be located on the coast of the mediterranean sea. After the first day, I felt comfortable walking on the streets. Obviously, it is smart to leave everything you don’t need back to the hostel but there is no need to be hysterical about thieves and crime either. Just be smart, aware of your surroundings and know where you are going.

Besides La Boca, I really enjoyed the neighborhood of Recoleta. A lot of beautiful buildings and the old Recoleta Cemetary from 1732.  According to BBC, it is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world and it has also made its way to CNN’s Top 10 list. Eva Perón is buried in Recoleta among many other famous like Napoleon’s granddaughter.

San Telmo’s Sunday fair was a nice way to finish the stay in the city. It was buzzing with tourists but the day was beautiful and hot. The market would be a great place to find souvenirs back home, but not for me, not this time, I only started my trip. Perfect day with new friends, enjoying good food and cold beer.


Six days in Buenos Aires was enough for me. I felt like I was ready to see more of Argentina. 22-hour bus ride ahead, I packed my bag with beautiful waterfalls in my mind, Cataratas de Iguazú here I come.

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