Whale watching in Hawaii

Whale watching in Hawaii

What could be a better place to see these majestic animals than Hawaii. Humpback whales return to the warm waters of Maui every year to breed and give birth.

Maui is famous for its humpback whales who return every year from Alaska to breed in Hawaii. The season is on from mid-December until at least till mid-April.

There are many tour companies to choose from and they all seem to guarantee you to see a whale or you get a new tour for free. But believe me, you will see some whales all right. 

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Choosing between the companies are mainly about what size of a boat you are comfortable going. Big boats are slower but obviously, you can move around the boat to get a better view. Prices seem to be more or less the same and most of the companies offered the 2-3 hour tours several times a day. You can book beforehand or just buy a tour from the harbor.

We simply bought our tour for the next day from the Lahaina Harbor, a town on the west coast of Maui. We chose a small speedboat with about 10 passengers. We also got lucky with the seats from the front, after our captain mentioned it can be a bumpy ride sitting in the front.

Whale in Hawaii
Adults can be up to 18 m long and weight 900 kg


Only after about twenty minutes ride from the harbor our captain spotted few whales. Whales can also dive for a long time so that’s why I prefer a speedboat to make it easier to get a closer look. On a small boat, the encounter with whales feels more intimate.

A little after we got companied by two adults and a calf. The crystal clear waters allow you to admire the animals without a problem. Pictures were hard to take but check this small teaser from my Instagram to get you inspired.


In two hours we saw many whales. Jumping and splashing in the water, heard their singing and learned interesting facts about whales from our captain. Just remember your sun cream and a water bottle. This was definitely worth the money and time!

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